• Portfolio Feature Image TVR Showreel - Video showreel featuring the best production and postproduction projects from Television Roehampton.
  • Porsche 911 Carrera - Specialist motoring photographic & video production company RP came to Television Roehampton for the postproduction on their promo for the Porsche 911 Carrera. This involved a complete post workflow from ingesting the raw footage, logging & editing, through to a
  • Thermatek - Specialist industrial heating company Thermatek approached TVR and asked us to produce a short promotional film highlighting their products, how & why they are made and who uses them. We filmed both in their factory as well as on location
  • World Wetlands - Part of the London Wetland Centre, a 105 acre wildlife reserve in South West London, World Wetlands is a habitat specific section focusing on water birds grouped by various continents/countries. TVR spent a day on the reserve filming 4 designated
  • Lillies of the Alley Lillies of the Alley - LOTA, or Lillies Of The Alley, is an online T-shirt company specializing in bespoke and original clothing design. Bearing in mind the company’s slogan ‘Wear Your Heart On Your Tee’ TVR produced this 30 second commercial capturing the fun, energetic
  • Yummy Bakes - Yummy Bakes is a bespoke cake making company specializing in a variety of unique cakes and treats for all occasions. TVR filmed the cake-making process from start to finish, as well as interviewing owner & baker Rima Hassan. The finished